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Thank you so much ! You were right! my horse now shows no more signs of colic and tender stomach since I started using the slow feeding hay nets.

K. Reed

My limited time with my TheraPlate has made me a believer! My World Cup horse Maksymilian has been lame for a year and 8 months. We have done surgery, stem cell and finally before I lost hope and put him to sleep, TheraPlate has helped. He has a high bow in his carpal canal, lame even at a walk. Now he is trotting and cantering again! Thank you for helping me heal my boy!!

Jane Hannigan , Team Hannigan Dressage, Harvard, MA

I quickly realized how important the Nag Bag is going to be for my horses well being, both physically and emotionally. Nag Bags are the best thing since Morgan horses! My horse is finally not eating all the fences after 17 years. I now also know what cool people are behind the product. I will be talking you up to every horse person I know!!

L. Conant

You have a wonderful product and I am recommending your product and the slow feeding system to all my horse friends.

Marie Niel

The TheraPlate Really Helped My Shin Splints. I have suffered terrible with shin splints for many years, when I wear the wrong shoes or spend too much time on the concrete. Just a few minutes on the TheraPlate and my shin splints don't hurt anymore. I liked it so much, we purchased the TheraPlate Revolution Equine Model for our Ranch operations. Thanks so much!


I recently had a mare of mine showing signs of colic after some dramatic changes in the weather . My first response was to call the vet however, it was after hours and I knew I would not get immediate attention . I remembered buying a product called Equine Colic Remedy (ECR) a few years ago hoping I would never need it and also thinking this probably won't work but it can't hurt to have it on hand . I gave her a dose and in 20 minutes she was showing no signs of colic . I watched her through the night and and she was back to herself bossing the other mares in the morning .I immediately ordered more product and will have it on hand at home as well as at the shows .

Missy Head, RainMaker Arabians

"We take our TheraPlate to every show to ready our horses for the show ring! Its beneficial and relaxing for horse and rider. The TheraPlate helps each of our horses and riders to loosen up and feel rejuvenated. Thank you Ventures Vision for providing such wonderful products that help keep our horses sound and sane!"

Mark Rafacz, Mark Rafacz Reining Horses