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Winning Customers Kick Off 2014

 Ventures Vision customer Bill Thomas & Smart Red Jackie (Smart And Shiney x Great Red Jackie) sliding in to win the Open Derby at the Florida Reining Horse Association 2014 Snowbird Slide. Congratulations Bill! For more information on Bill Thomas Performance horses visit BillThomasPerformanceHorses.com. It isn’t too late to book a breeding to one of their fine stallions for 2014! Ventures Vision customer Martin Muehlstaetter & Blue Collar Tag (owner …Read More

Client Spotlight: Booth Ranches, Home of Gilson Performance Horses

Discipline and determination have been growing among the citrus at Booth Ranches since 1957. With acreage from Orange Cove in northern San Joaquin Valley to Maricopa, in Kern County, the focus of the family-owned operation is quality. From delicately hand pruned trees to sustainable/green practices, each part of the operation is guided by honesty, integrity and commitment. A  disciplined and determined family operation is ever-present in the Booth Ranches equine division …Read More

Reining’s Top Riders Gear Up for NRBC

Reining’s Top Riders Gear Up for NRBC The excitement is palpable.  While the eyes of the sports world are trained on Augusta, Georgia, waiting to see who will claim the green jacket at this year’s Masters Golf Tournament, the reining industry’s elite are preparing to compete for their own prestigious title in Katy, Texas. The National Reining Breeders Classic doesn’t officially begin until Monday, April 15, but the Great Southwest Equestrian Center …Read More

What is Colic?

What Is Colic? The word “colic” simply refers to abdominal pain. It covers a multitude of abdominal and intestinal problems, ranging from simple excess gas in the intestines to severe torsion or twisting of the intestines. It can also include stomach ulcers, uterine pain in pregnant or post-foaling mares and pain associated with disease in organs of the abdomen. It is critical for horse owners to recognize the early signs …Read More

Slow Grazing

Slow feeders are designed to limit the rate at which a horse can consume hay, by only allowing them to remove one small mouthful of hay at a time from the feeder. Horses by nature are trickle feeders, designed to constantly consume small amounts of forage rather than ingest 2 or 3 large meals and spend long periods of time without food. The horse’s stomach is always producing acid, and …Read More