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What is Colic?

What Is Colic? The word “colic” simply refers to abdominal pain. It covers a multitude of abdominal and intestinal problems, ranging from simple excess gas in the intestines to severe torsion or twisting of the intestines. It can also include stomach ulcers, uterine pain in pregnant or post-foaling mares and pain associated with disease in organs of the abdomen. It is critical for horse owners to recognize the early signs …Read More

Slow Grazing

Slow feeders are designed to limit the rate at which a horse can consume hay, by only allowing them to remove one small mouthful of hay at a time from the feeder. Horses by nature are trickle feeders, designed to constantly consume small amounts of forage rather than ingest 2 or 3 large meals and spend long periods of time without food. The horse’s stomach is always producing acid, and …Read More

Caring for your horse in the Heat of Summer

In the South and other parts of the country high temperatures can be a challenge for your horse operation.  The challenge is to make your training enjoyable, productive, and safe during hot weather.  First, try to ride early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the highest temperatures of the day.  The morning hours are preferable because you have the benefit of the cooler night air preceding …Read More