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Slow Feeders

From horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and miniatures, to llamas, goats and exotics, Natural Alternative Grazers makes a slow feeder N.A.G. Bag for every grazing animal. Veterinarians and equine health professionals, stable managers, equine teaching facilities and owners are all seeing the benefits of using a N.A.G. Bag slow feeding system.


At Natural Alternative Grazers our mission is for all stable, boarding, show and breeding facility horses to have access to hay at all times, as they would if they were grazing naturally. We have a N.A.G. bag to suit your feeding needs, be it large or small round bales, hands free, large or small squares, flakes, stall or fence feeding, 1” mesh for ponies or miniature animals, or just a bag for your horse to push around his pen to alleviate boredom.
Go From This….

Horses Eating Hay

To This.
Horses Eating From NAG Bags

So many benefits:

  • physically & emotionally healthier for your horse
  • less waste, more efficient (saves money)
  • no mess
  • feeding times aren’t reliant on your schedule
  • easier winter feeding

“WOW! I just got my new nets – the color is great, top cords are amazing and they are so soft. You can really see and feel the difference in your slow feeders from the others that I have purchased – my horses thank you! I am now a NAG Bagger for life!”
K. Newburg, NY

Why slow feeding?

A horse’s stomach is small with only a 8-15 liter capacity. Digestion is very quick and should ideally consist of small regular meals (grazing herbivores). N.A.G. Bags are designed to mimic natural grazing.In addition, horses produce up to 30 liters of saliva a day, only when they are chewing. The saliva buffers the stomach’s gastric acid and lubricates their food. Gastric acid is produced continuously even when they are not chewing! The gastric acid, if not buffered by saliva, is one of the causes of ulcers, cribbing, colic and many other health symptoms. Equines (herbivores) & ruminants are grazers, so using slow feeders will help alleviate these health conditions and other related problems that have been associated with limited feedings.


Before You Order, Please Note:

  • All horses need to start with loose hay in addition to the nets for the first few days, when introducing the slow feeding method.
  • We like to see all horses start with 1.5 inch netting, as this size allows your horses to graze easily from the net, the needed requirements for an average horse without too much frustration. If after some time your horse is well accustomed to the 1.5 inch hole and is now getting through his or her hay fairly fast and is on the heavy side, this is the only time we suggest or recommend a 1 inch net hole size, as this will slow down the consumption of hay to a slower rate. Ponies and minis do very well right away with the 1 inch netting.