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#FoalPatrol14: A Night In The Life Of A Mare Owner

Foal Patrol: A Night In The Life Of A Mare Owner

9:58 pm: Inflate air mattress & cross my fingers there aren’t any holes because I know this foal is coming tonight.

10:14 pm: Dang it. It’s leaking. Could be from the dog using it as a bounce house during attempted inflation.

10:17 pm: If there’s a hole in the air mattress I should check every single barn accessory for functionality…you never can be too careful.

10:55 pm: Check mare. Double check mare.

11:01 pm: Head back to the house for sleeping bag.

11:10 pm: Return to barn after locating sleeping bag & realize I left my phone charger in the kitchen.

11:14 pm: Return to house for charger…and a flashlight because I’ll need to check inside the sleeping bag for creepy crawly things every time I go to get back in it….

11:20 pm: Upon returning to the barn, check mare. She is more relaxed than I am. Probably the calm before the storm. Good thing I’m out here caring so much during this ice storm.

12:00 am: Finally complete set-up of command center in stall next to expectant mare. Eat your heart out FEMA, this is preparedness right here!

12:17 am: The Foal Patrol Headquarters is looking good but a hot beverage sure would be nice right now….I’ll go put a pot of coffee on & grab some more vet wrap because I used 4 rolls lashing it around the air mattress before surrendering to the leaks (where’s the duct tape when you need it?).

12:18 am: But first, check mare. She seems a bit agitated when I study her lady parts. It’s going to happen tonight, I know it! As soon as I exit her stall she relaxes. She can sense my apprehension/excitement/nervous energy. I’ll leave her alone for a few minutes while I make that pot of coffee.

12:40 am: While walking back to barn with coffee I hear what sounds like a wild ruckus going on in there. Run to check on mare. She just looks at me annoyed.

12:43 am: Discover it was the dog apparently hoping the sleeping bag would magically inflate & become bounce house numéro deux. Walk back to house to put dog in.

12:46 am: Back in stall checking mare. Wait…what is this huge wet spot on my sleeve? Where did this moisture come from?! It’s starting!

12:46.65 am: Why does the wet spot on my sleeve smell like Folgers? Oh. That would be coffee spilled on my ski jacket from running to the barn.

12:50 am: Back in my stall HQ still wondering where the duct tape went. Realize I forgot to grab more vet wrap which I keep under the guest bathroom sink in the house because we use horse/human supplies interchangeably around here & did wait…did I forget to turn off the coffee pot?

1:55 am: Headed back to the barn with another layer on, another cup of coffee & vet wrap, but feeling intensely jealous of the dog snoozing in my king sized bed right now…what is that sticking to the bottom of my boot? Oh. There’s that roll of duct tape.

2:06 am: Upon re-entering barn I find mare pacing. I knew it would be tonight! Good thing I’m out here with her in the polar vortex overflowing with unconditional love no matter if it’s a colt or a filly. Enter mare’s stall to conduct check number…lost count. She gives me that fractious look-around stare & the evil eye when I lift her tail.

2:10 pm: Back in the Foal Anticipation Command Center in my sleeping bag. Set alarm on my cell for 1 hour.

3:00 am: Finally fall asleep.

3:10 am: Jolted awake by my alarm I jump up & peer into mare’s stall. She’s asleep. Good, she needs her rest because I know that foal is coming tonight!

3:15 am: Fishing shavings out of the top of my 4 layers of anti-thundersnow wear & wondering if I left the coffee pot on…..

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