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Equine Colic Relief (ECR) has never failed to stop a normal bout of colic. Millions of horses die each year when a normal colic attack escalates to an abnormal colic attack. ECR is a revolutionary product that stops a normal bout of colic before it kills. ECR is comprised of 11 natural ingredients that break down the impaction and enable the animal to pass the feces. ECR not only saves horses’ lives, but it also may aid in reducing the financial and emotional stress experienced by the owner

All horse owners/lovers need to know about this gift of life.
Together we can save the lives of many horses.

  • All Natural Ingredients approved by the FDA
  • Safe, Noninvasive and Drug-Free Procedure
  • Administered without professional training
  • Scientifically patented formula designed to prevent overdosing
  • 12 year shelf life; no refrigeration needed
  • Once administered, ECR is carried to the bowels through the bloodstream, ending a normal bout of colic in 2 to 4 hours
  • Every emergency medicine kit needs to be stocked with a bottle of ECR “just in case”

    ECR’s 11 natural ingredients are:

  • Potassium & Phosphorus – rehydrates the bowels by drawing fluid
    from other areas of the body
  • Magnesium & Peppermint Oil – provides energy to bowel muscles and
    dissipates gas, allowing bowels to return to normal size and activity
  • Vitamin D3 – a complex vitamin increasing muscle activity
  • Calcium – an electrolyte that acts as a bowel muscle enhancer
  • Irish Sea Moss & Deep Sea Kelp – gently break down the impaction.
    We know of no other colic remedy with this ability
  • Vegetable Glycerin – reduces friction in bowels, lowering energy
    required to move and expel waste
  • Organic Molasses and Sorbitol – added for flavor
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