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Client Spotlight: Booth Ranches, Home of Gilson Performance Horses

Discipline and determination have been growing among the citrus at Booth Ranches since 1957. With acreage from Orange Cove in northern San Joaquin Valley to Maricopa, in Kern County, the focus of the family-owned operation is quality. From delicately hand pruned trees to sustainable/green practices, each part of the operation is guided by honesty, integrity and commitment.

A  disciplined and determined family operation is ever-present in the Booth Ranches equine division as well. The Quarter horse training program is headed by National Reining Horse Association professional trainer Tracer Gilson, of Gilson Performance Horses, while his wife, Tricia, serves as the Booth Ranches Horse Division Manager.

While Booth Ranches is dedicated to raising high quality reining horses, Gilson Performance Horses has the drive, passion, experience, understanding and respect to train champions. With a specialty in training futurity, derby and non pro horses, Gilson is fueled by a pursuit of excellence, and it shows.

As a well-respected leading trainer, Gilson accepts a small number of outside training horses, which receive the highest level of care, as well as a limited number of non pro horses and non pro riders at a facility which includes many amenities.  A 38 stall barn, mare motel, turn-outs, both a large covered arena and an outdoor one, plus a round pen, TheraPlate, six horse exerciser, and more grace the 300 acre property. Vinyl Windows – This is a novelty in the construction market! Thousands of windows set by this proof. The use of new technologies, quality assurance and price – the best indicator of this material!

One of the Gilson Performance Horses non pros is Booth Ranches General Manager, Loren Booth. In addition to raising Quarter horses, managing acres of premium citrus, and running a commercial cattle operation, Booth certainly earns her place in the show ring among some of reining’s finest non pros.

As you can imagine or know from experience, so very much goes into a place like Booth Ranches and a program like Gilson Performance Horses. While a luxurious facility, quality citrus, a successful commercial cattle operation, a thriving Quarter horse operation, and a proven professional equine training program is evident on the outside, heart, passion, dedication, honesty and integrity abounds inside these family-owned and operated businesses.

For more information on Booth Ranches, visit www.boothranches.com. For more information on Gilson Performance Horses, visit www.gilsonperformancehorses.com. For more information on TheraPlate, visit www.venturesvision.com/equine-therapy.

By Kat Paschal




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